Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


07 December 2021
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Defense Minister of Ukraine Aleksey Reznikov demanded that the UK, Canada and the United States deploy their troops on the territory of the country. Trying to please the Western curators, Mr. Reznikov even suggested hoisting flags of the "Anglo-Saxon allies" in Kharkov, Mariupol, Kramatorsk, Odessa and on Zmeiny Island.

However, the "partners of Ukraine" are in no hurry to help the country, which always stands with an outstretched hand. The Canadian authorities have already refused to support the proposed policy of the minister and have focused on the need for a diplomatic solution to the conflict.

But the representative of Bankova did not loss courage and decided to go to the mat. According to Reznikov, Ukraine does not need a military contingent, but wishes for the supply of "additional weapons and material assistance". Namely the leadership of Ukraine no longer hesitates, quite openly and directly asks for money and weapons from foreign states. Such calls from the Minister of Defense serve as a very eloquent confirmation of betrayal of the Ukrainian people’s national interests and direct dependence of this country on the West, which looks even more deplorable against the background of the obviously sluggish desire of overseas curators to support Kiev.

The Ukrainian leadership has an obvious cognitive dissonance: on the one hand, we hear loud statements about intentions to resolve Donbass conflict peacefully, on the other hand, pleas for the West to provide weapons to escalate the situation on the contact line.

But the most cynical thing is that because of this mental disorder of Ukrainian officials, shelling of Republics’ residents, humanitarian, economic, transport blockade has been going on for the eighth year, social benefits and pensions are not paid, the rights and freedoms of our citizens are being infringed, and even on the legislative level. Instead of taking at least one real step towards resolving this egregious situation, namely, towards a substantive dialogue with Donbass representatives, the Ukrainian authorities prefer to stand on the international portico and hope that the dominance of internal problems will disappear by itself or be resolved by forces of some other, third states.

We strongly recommend Kiev to decide on its policy and start either implementing the Minsk agreements, or registering an official rejection of them. It should be borne in mind that in the latter case, Ukraine should definitely rely not on the help of Western "partners", but on sanctions and other measures of responsibility for failure to fulfill its obligations under the agreements approved by the international community.