Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Donetsk People's Republic


24 November 2021
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Instead of resolving problems of the growing escalation on the contact line , fueled by Ukrainian militias and supported by aggressive, militant public rhetoric by officials, a significant part of the discussion in the security block was devoted to the technical issues of the OSCE SMM work.

“Nevertheless, today we have done everything possible to hear concrete answers to the most critical, important and urgent questions.

In particular, our first question was addressed to the OSCE coordinators. It was related to their assessment of the statements of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Mr.Zaluzhny about the admissibility of the fire opening by the commanders on the ground without the consent of the top leadership, as well as the use of the Bayraktar UAV in Donbass. And here it is important to note that we have finally managed to hear from the OSCE confirmation that the use of UAVs is a violation of the Minsk agreements.

Then we asked the Ukrainian side the priority question of the security agenda: when will Kiev stop provocations and return to the framework of the Measures to strengthen the ceasefire regime previously reached and signed by the parties? In response, we heard a significant silence. This reaction showed the lack of any input from their leaders on this key issue.

At the same time, it is characteristic that the coordinator of the working group on security issues, the head of the OSCE SMM, Mr. Chevik, noted that the Mission did not record the use of Bayraktar in Donbass. In this connection, we asked the Ukrainian representatives another logical question: why are they lying (according to the SMM), claiming the use of these unmanned aerial vehicles on our territory, and when will this disinformation be refuted?

Negotiators from Ukraine were silent again. And the OSCE coordinator, Mr. Kinnunen, instead of getting them to answer, promptly finished this block of the meeting,” Natalya Nikonorova said.

Such passivity of the coordinators against the background of continuing tension and openly provocative behavior of the Ukrainian authorities serves as a "fertile" ground for further acts of aggression from Kiev.